President Message for 2008

     2008 is the year of Beijing Olympic.  FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium (WFFCCS) were built under the ideal of Olympic.  The 28th Annual FIPS Mouche WFFCCS was held in March 22 to March 30, 2008 in New Zealand.  We had two couples as our guests, Dr. and Mrs. John and Joanne Kirk and Mr. and Mrs. Seiichiro and Makiko Otsuka.  We all have a great time during the stay in New Zealand.  Mr. Don Sort, resident in New Zealand, was so helpful during the stay at there.  Thanks Don for your hospitality. 
     The results are
     Gold Medal Team Czech Republican
     Silver Medal Team New Zealand
     Bronze Medal Team France
    We are at 14th position out of 18 teams.   One of our Fly Fishing Team Japan angler, Mr. Kiyoshi Nakagawa was at position 18th out of 99 anglers.

    2009 WFFCCS will be held from June 5 to June 12 in Scotland. Hope to go there with some of you.   We are going to prepare Fly Fishing Team Scotland by the end of 2008.  Please join us to fish in the beautiful loch and river in Scotland. Mr. Stuart Fraser is now helping us.  He lives near Edinburgh, Scotland and he is an accomplished fly fisher and he knows very well about loch fishing from the boat. 

    Mr. Seiichiro Otsuka becomes our Honorary Chair. With his advice, we will be able to our head up.  We had the annual meeting in New York. WFFJ office is now transferred from the USA to Japan.  Our office address is at Ichi 665-9 Komoro City, Aile Building 3F,  Nagano Prefecture 384-0083 Japan.  We also had the club meeting in Nagano, Japan. It was held after some members helped to teach children to do fly fishing.

   We received the invitation from the host of the America Cup, which will be held near Frisco, CO from September 8 to September 12.  There will be Team Ireland, Team USA, Youth Team USA, Team Australia, Team Hungary, and Team Poland beside us, Team WFFJ.  Our Team members are;
              Mr. Lester Young
              Mr. Kevin Slater
              Mr. Akinori Aoki
              Mr. John Kimura
              Misako Ishimura

   We are now invited for Oceania Fly Fishing Championship, too.  It will be held from March 15th to March 22nd, 2009. If you want to fish in this event, please contact at  Hope that some of our members will be able to have some fun fishing at the event.

    I hear that fishing is good in many places.  Have your line wet out in the rivers or lakes.

    Bright fishing,

          Misako Ishimura
          Chair and President
          World Fly Fishing of Japan