President Message for 2007
     There are so many hatches over Willowemoc Creek and Beaverkill river.  Hope you are having good fishing in your home waters.

     I would like to report the special event, which was happened in the end of September, 2006.  As you may know, we formed Fly Fishing Team WFFJ because World Fly Fishing of Japan is invited by the host of Club Open, which has been held in Leon, Spain for the several years.  It was honored to be invited.  There are only Team France and Team Portugal, besides the club teams from each region in Spain. 
     We formed Fly Fishing Team WFFJ for the Club Open in 2006.  Our members were me, Leslie Wrixon, Jose Manuel Ruiz Perez (his nick name is Cholo and great fly tyer in Leon), and António Manuel Ferreira Ribeiro.  The hostfs hospitality is so gracious that we had a very good time.  WFFJ is stated to be well known club in Spain and other European Fly Fishing Community. 

      Then I took Fly Fishing Master Corse from Jiri Kilma, who is Team Czech captain for 14 years in the Czech Republican.  He taught me Czech Nymphing and I will pass to you later during the WFFJ fishing trip.

    2006 was the year for WFFJ to adopt Willowemoc Creek. We put the sign at Power Line Pool below the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. It was nice day when we cleaned up the bank of Willowemoc Creek.

     As usual, we started year of 2007 having a table at Fly Fishing Show, Summer Set NJ, the largest public fly fishing show in the world.  Unfortunately, I could not be at the table but our flyers were exhibited to have new members.

     Project Access was done and Willowemoc Creek side cleaning was done.  We are going to have a nice fishing days in the Catskills.  We will have club trips, tying clinic and casting clinic in the near future. Please see our e-mails to you later.

    We are again help to hold the fly tyers gathering, Clearwater Junction. Please join us in the Catskills.

       FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship, 2007 will be held in June, Finland. It will be some rivers and lakes competition.  Probably fish are big at there.

    We are planning to have Mr. Seiichi Otsuka as our honorary chair at the end of 2007. Let me introduce him later.

       Keep in touch,

       Misako Ishimura
       World Fly Fishing of Japan