Profile of Dr. Kirk and Mrs. Kirk

         Dr. Kirk started his professional career in the late 1950’s as a member of the faculty at the University of Michigan.  His next position was Supervisor of Camping Services for the State of Michigan, where he administered the licensing and inspection program for 1,000 children’s summer camps in the state and established year round camps to rehabilitate socially maladjusted boys between the ages of thirteen to eighteen.
           In 1963, he moved to New Jersey, where, for the past thirty seven years, he has served as Director and Professor of Environmental Studies at the New Jersey School of Conservation, a division of Montclair State University.  Under his supervision, the School of Conservation has become the largest college operated environmental field center in the world.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Education from Boston University, and his Master of Arts in Educational Administration and his Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
          Dr. Kirk has lectured at International Environmental Conferences in Southern Africa, the Republic of Ireland, Vancouver, British Columbia, Quebec and Japan.  He has also lectured at over sixty colleges and universities in Europe and the United Kingdom.  In addition, he has served as a consultant on environmental education curriculum development for the Republic of Mexico, six provinces of Canada and several states in the United States.
           His articles on the history and philosophy of environmental education have appeared in nine languages in professional journals throughout the world.  He has served as president of three national organizations, the American Camping Association, the Outdoor Education Council of the United States and the American Nature Study Society.  He is currently serving as Coordinator for the United Nations Environmental Sabbath/Earth Care Day, a program he assisted in establishing in 1987 which takes place the first weekend in June each year and focuses the attention of organized religions on the issues of environmental degradation and the threat to life on the Planet.  He also serves as Vice-Chairman of the New Jersey State Commission for Environmental Education which has developed the New Jersey Environmental Education Master Plan.
          Other professional activities include serving as Environmental Education Advisor and member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc., with the responsibility of assisting in developing Environmental Studies Schools throughout the country.  He has also been appointed by the Governor of New Jersey to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Sussex County Community College.
          Dr. Kirk is serving as Vice Chair of World Fly Fishing of Japan (WFFJ) and the Public Relationship Committee Chair of WFFJ. He attended at the World Fly Fishing Championship in five times in the past as a guest of Fly Fishing Team Japan.

Mrs. Joanne S. Kirk

           Joanne served for 22 years with the New Jersey Department of Transportation in the capital city of New Jersey, Trenton.  She transferred to the New Jersey School of Conservation in Stokes State Forest, Branchville, New Jersey, field campus of Montclair State University.  She served as bookkeeper and business manager for 15 years.  She is now enjoying her retirement with her husband, Dr. John J. Kirk, such as joining Fly Fishing Team as a guest in 5 times in the past.