President Message for 2005

This year, we start along with the Japanese branch of World Fly Fishing of Japan (WFFJ). This idea was born during the World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium (WFFCCS) in August, 2004 in Slovakia. We have discussed the needs of the branch in Japan to have more interactive movements

On December 3 rd , 2004, the first AWFFJ Japanese branch meeting was held by the call of Mr. Susumu Kaneko, who was a Tam Japan angler in 2002 and 2004. In January, 2005, we announced the establishment of WFFJ Japanese branch to the Japanese fly fishers through the Japanese fly fishing magazines, fly fishing organizations and manufactures. Now Japanese branch has 10 members and they are going to be very active in Japan. .

Not only WFFJ is focusing in Japan, we are going to reach out more clubs world wide. To make our club more active, we are going to affricate with Federation Fly Fishers, Inc (FFF). FFF has a couple interesting educational programs and conservation programs. We will be able to learn from them and work more effectively for the educational and conservation related matters.

WFFJ is becoming a unique organization, which will connect the fly fishers around the world as a Japanese federation of CIPS-FIPS Mouche and an affiliated club of FFF. We will exchange information to promote fly fishing, and save wild fish.

Team Japan has been to Mt. Tatray in Slovakia to attend the 24th Annual FIPS Mouche WFFCCS from August 30 to September 4, 2004. It was the largest championship since there were 23 national teams attended. At there I received the crystal cup as the first woman angler from the host. We learned about the Hucho hucho, which is a largest kind of fresh water salmon surviving in the tributaries of Danube in that area and how they were tying to protect it.

Since we had a great time during the WFFJ casting in the Central Park and fly tying clinics at Urban Angler, I would like to have them again in 2005. The attendees are starting to cast with tighter loops and to learn the different casts.

Many beginners attended the fly tying clinics. We tied mostly trout flies and some members caught trout with them during a day trip to Connetquot River State Preserve, Oakdale, New York. We enjoyed a beautiful fall fishing day with colorful leaves, many kinds of birds, and above all, colorful trout. A couple of children all caught fish that day, including a young boy, who caught a beautiful fish. Let's hope that we will have such a lovely day next year.

Since I founded World Fly Fishing of Japan, this club has introduced more than thirty men, women and children to fly fishing. We continue to promote the sport and to do our best to save wild trout. Let us to be a bridge between the anglers of the world. My sincere appreciation for you r support and involvement .

Bright fishing,

Misako Ishimura
WFFJ President
Team Captain