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Fly Fishing Team Japan is a group of fly fishers to attend at the Annual FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium.  Fly Fishing Team Japan has been supported by World Fly Fishing of JapanWFFJ) since February 2000 and is registered as the trade mark since December 2006.  WFFJ is founded by Misako Ishimura and she is the elected chair and president. She has been leading Japanese anglers to the World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium (WFFCCS) in 2002-France, WFFCCS in 2003-Spain, WFFCCS in 2004-Slovakia, WFFCCS in 2005-Sweden, WFFCCS in 2006-Portugal, WFFCCS in 2007-Finland, WFFCCS in 2008-New_65" value="new, knew, nee, NE, NW, Ne, knee, NEH, NOW, WNW, now, anew, gnaw, know, Norw, renew, sinew, Noe, nae, Wynne, NeWS, news, newt, N, mew, n" /> Zealand, Scotland, WFFCCS in 2009, and Poland, WFFCCS in 2010. Currently,  World Fly Fishing of Japan is a member of CIPS in Japan and  has the right to hold the FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium in Japan and to form Fly Fishing Team Japan for FIPS-Mouche Wold Fly Fishing Championship.

If you have a Japanese passport and want to become a captain, competitor, or a reserve at World Fly Fishing Championship, please e-mail to  If you don't have a Japanese passport but you are interested in WFFCCS, Team Japan will be able to invite you as a manager, a fly tyer  or as a guest. Please contact to the same e-mail for becoming a part of Fly Fishing Team Japan to join in the FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium. If you are interested in the championship fishing, we form Fly Fishing WFFJ to attend fly fishing competitions under the strict rules, like the America Cup in the USA or Club Open in Spein.  So please e-mail us let us know your interest.

             Fly Fishing Team Japan involving with WFFCCS for its importance of the gathering anglers internationally and the conservation symposiums for the wild trout. Currently, Team Japan is the only Asian team among the approximately 25  countries participants from the world. Seeing and meeting the world class fly fishers are a very memorable experience. You will learn different ways to fly fish from the anglers who come from different countries and will realize the importance of team play in the sport of fly fishing after attending to WFFCCS.

             The friendships, which are born during WFFCCS, will be a life long treasure. Some team anglers and team guests are attending WFFCCS time after time.  Meeting them and having a growing friendship are awesome experiences to be a part of WFFCC. 

              The 31st Annual FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium will be held in Italy in the year of 2011.  There are beautiful rivers at there.  If you want to fish with Fly Fishing Team Japan, please contact us at .

               Please enjoy the slide video, which was made by the captain fo Team Malta.  You can see how friendly event, World Fly Fishing Championship is. 

2008 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship Slide Show:

We promote fly fishing for saving native and wild trout.


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About Conservation Symposium at FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship:

2002 in France -Proposal of making the unified measurement systems for water in the rivers and lakes internationally.
2003 in Spain - Introduce their restoration programs around local rivers and lakes for saving wild brown trout and
how to maintain the healthy population.
2004 in Slovakia - Introduce their conservation programs to save Hucho Hucho (salmoniformes), which is one of the
largest fresh water fish.
2005 in Sweden - Introduce their restoration programs of the water ways (rivers) for saving wild fish.
2006 in Portugal - Introduce their fresh water fishing regulation and efforts to establish conservation programs
followed by the friendly gathering for exchanging information among of the attendees.
2007 in Finland – Report about Baltic Salmon stocking history and its future

2008 in New Zealand - Report about the problem comes from the farms.

2009 in Scotland - Reoirt aboiut  protective measures of kind inside and outside kind.   Report about the huge brown.

2010 in Poland - Lecture about the history of Fly Fishing in Europe. How to manage river for see trout spourning..

About World Fly Fishing Championship:

    The first World Fly Fishing Championship (WFFC) was held in 1981 under the auspices of the International Confederation of Sport Fishing (CIPS), which was established in 1952 in Rome. CIPS is now located in Italy and controls international world competition in all fishing disciplines.  It was administered by the International Federation of Fresh Water Sport Fishing (FIPS-Ed) in the beginning.  After 1988, the international Federation of Sport Fly Fishing (FIPS-Mouche was founded as an independent Federation within CIPS and administrates WFFC.
     Now only members of FIPS-Mouche can host WFFCCS and attend it. WFFC is conducted in accordance with the Olympic ideal. It begins with an opening ceremony; there are practice sessions, five competitions, and closing ceremony where the presentation of medals is featured.  The conservation symposium is held during the championship to save wild fresh water fish.  The banquette is held on the last evening of WFFCCS for all anglers, guests, hosts and local volunteers. Over 300 people ( over 140 captains, competitors, and reserved anglers, about 40 guests and 120 hosts/volunteers ) gather and celebrate for the sport of fly fishing during about a week long event of WFFCCS.  It has been held by the host country which is decided at CIPS FIPS biannual congress. There were 30 WFFC since 1981 over in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
     How are the individuals and winning teams selected?  And what are their rewards in WFFC?  The numbers of trout and grayling, which are more then 20 cm long and caught by a fly in front of their gills are counted and measured by their length and then released by the controllers.  Anglers are given points based on the counts and measurements of the length of fish and then ranked within the each group.

   The group consists of each angler from each national team.  There are 5 competitors in each national team. It means that 5 groups are formed in the championship with  one angler of each country.  After the 5 sessions at the 5 different venues, the each competitor's position in the each session is added and the angler whose number is smallest wins the gold medal.  The team ranked with the smallest number, which is added with each team member's ranking, wins and team members are given the team gold medals and the winning team retains the large silver plate until the next championship. The silver plate is engraved with each of the winning team in the past.  The second and the third place individuals and teams receive silver and bronze medals respectively.

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Fill out the WFFJ membership application for every year, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31The first member may include Nov. Dec. in the previous year of membership), which can be download from  "membership" in  And mail it back along with the membership dues.  If you have any question, send e-mail to  for the inquiry. 

PS: To be an angler of Fly Fishing Team Japan, you should be a Japanese and a member of WFFJ. You do not have to be a Japanese to become  a guest of Fly Fishing Team Japa and an angler of Fly Fishing Team WFFJ. 



Fly Fihsing Team Japan 2009 for FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium:

There are 5 Japanese anglers, 2 American gusts, and 1 Japanese guest.  We will practice before the World Fly Fishing Championship  under the assistance of Mr. Stuart Fraser who is a member of World Fly Fishing of Japan, Ms. Lesley Crawford who is the proffesional guide, John and Derek. 

We are supprted by the following companies and fly tyers, also. 

Gamakatsu, Airflo, Temple Fork Outfitters, Mr. Takaichi Kodama, Dr. Leslie WrixonMr.Jose Manuel Ruiz Prez (Cholo),   Mr. Lawrence Finney, and Mr. Kevin Slater.

Thank you for all of your support. 




Fly Fihsing Team Japan 2008 for FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium:

We were there with the guests, Prof. Kirk and his wife, and Mr. S. Otsuka and his wife. 

The 2008 Fly Fishing Team Anglers are Mr. K. Nakagawa, Mr. T. Kawahara,  Mr. S. Komatsuzawa, and Ms. Izumiya under tha captain, Misako Ishimura. Mr. Nakagawa places the 18th in the individuals scores.

TheTeam Japan  positions 14th out of 18 Fly Fishing Teams.