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FlyFishing Team Japan
フライフィッシングチームジャパン 参考ウェブサイト・LINK

Fly Fishing Team Japan Summery Web Site (Japanese/English)

World Fly Fishing of Japan (Japanese/English)


FIPS Mouche

2010 WFFCCS- Poland Video

2009 WFFCCS-Scotland Information

2004 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship - Slovakia Information

2002  FIIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship - France information

by Lesley Crawford guide in Scotland see WFFC'02 on the left bottom

1997 WFFCCS-USA Informatio,%20International%20Flyfishing%20Championshi.htm



FIPS-Mouche Federations (which organize Fly Fishing Team from each country)

Team France
Team Australia

Team Belgium

Team Bosnia

Team Czech Republic

Team Finland

Team Italy

Team Luxemburg

Team New Zealand

Team Norway

Team Portugal

Team Slovakia

Team Spain 

Team USA



Fly Fishing Team Japan Sponsors




Smith Ltd.

River Old






Fly Tyer, Choro(Jose Manuel Ruiz)

Fly Tyer, Paco Soria

Guide,Yann Caleri


Guide, Lesley Crawford

Rod and Reel Builder - Leon

Japanese Bamboo Rod Builder,Yukihiro Yoshida

T-Craft, Shinichi Tsuchiya  http://www.t-craft.inf
Enoha, Friend of Mochizuki


Other Japanese Clubs

Japan Fly Fishers
Trout Forum


Other International Clubs

Federation of Fly Fishers

International Women Fly Fishers

Fly Fishing Show in England


Other Competitions

America Cup


Misako Ishimura's Gallery 










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